Menu and Pricing

Cake- Cupcakes- Cookie cakes- Cake pops
Sizing and Pricing

All cakes can come in single, double, or three layers. 

Icing options include classic american butter cream and fresh whipped cream,

Cake and cupcake flavors: Vanilla, chocolate, chocolate chip, marble, funfetti, red velvet, carrot cake, and lemon. 

Fillings include fresh strawberry, Oreo, reeses peanut butter, vanilla custard, and nutella.

Cake pricing ranges with amount of layers, filling, and design work. 

6″ cakes range from $40 and up 

8″ $60 and up 

10″ $80 and up 

12″ $100 and up 

Number & letter cakes come with two layers of icing 

pricing ranges from $70-$140 depending of toppings and design.

Cupcakes start at $25 a dozen for simplistic butter cream. Any additional toppings, fillings, and specialty designs will add require a price increase. 

Cupcake pull apart cakes start at $60 for a 24 count 

Cookie cakes can come in round and sheet cake sizes 

flavors include chocolate chip, funfetti, and peanut butter. 

8″ $30 and up 

10″ $40 and up 

12″ $50 and up 

1/4 sheet $40 and up 

1/2 $50 and up 

Cake pops come in 12 counts with one flavor per dozen 

Flavors include – vanilla, chocolate, marble, chocolate chip, funfetti, and red velvet 

Starting at $36 for simplistic designs.

Our Best Sellers:

  • Butter Cake
    All time Fan Favorite!

    Sizes offered include Small, Medium, or Large!
    Flavors include: plain, chocolate chip, funfetti, seasonal pumpkin

  • Churro Cheesecake Bars $15/$25

    Flaky cinnamon sugar pastry with a cheesecake center! These slices of heaven come in plain and oreo!

  • Cookies $2-$4

    We offer a huge variety of cookies! all classic cookies come in jumbo size like chocolate chip, funfetti, peanut butter, snicker doodle, and oatmeal raisin. We also offer NYC style cookies & some specialty cookies sold by the pound.

In store sweet options !

Our menu will change weekly with various made from scratch desserts!

Offering, cookies, brownies, cake pops, cheesecakes, loaf cakes, butter cakes, scones, and cupcakes! Specialty sweets like sticky buns and cinnamon rolls will be offered on specific dates and holidays!

Want to discuss ordering a custom cake or sweets?

If you’re interested in a custom cake send me an email with the size, flavor, and design you’re looking for. If you’re interested in any other sweets please send an email with the specific items you’re looking for! Please include any pictures for examples on the idea you’re trying to achieve for your special event!